Alicia Dawn Wieburg of Farmington and Micah Lamont Parker of Nashville, Tenn. said “I do” this past summer on May 14, 2011 in Northwest Arkansas.

  • Wedding date: May 14, 2011
  • Number of guests: 135
  • Ceremony location: First Baptist Church of Farmington
  • Reception location: Clarion Hotel, Fayetteville

The couple had been friends for a long time, but because of distance they thought it best not to date. Eventually, they gave in to fate and “realized that no one could make us as happy as each other,” Alicia said. So, Mike moved to Arkansas to finish college – and now, they’re married!

What was your overall inspiration? I wanted a timeless look – something that when I looked back on my wedding pictures 50 years from now, I wouldn’t wonder what in the world I was thinking! My colors were crimson, gold and black because I felt like these embodied that.

What were the interesting personal touches and unique details? Something I loved about this wedding is we did what we liked, rather than trying to go with something “traditional.” The wedding cake was red velvet, the flowers were my sorority’s flower, Mike wore an ivory tux, and we had a lunch reception instead of a night one. This fit us better, and it made the day that much better.

What one detail truly made the wedding yours? I walked down the aisle to “Momma’s Song” by Carrie Underwood.  This song was perfect because my mom knows what a wonderful man Mike is, and it was a tribute to all she has done for us as a couple.

How did you customize your wedding? Most of the customization came from things that just happened. I did not know my family was going to dance down the aisle after the ceremony, or that the groom and his groomsmen were going to dance to N’SYNC at the reception. It was these moments that stand out in my mind.

How did you save money in planning your wedding? I have fabulous people around me. My cousin is a florist so she did all our flowers at cost. As mentioned before, we had a lunch reception so there was no need for alcohol, and I had a troop of people who helped with all the decorating!