Sara Nicholls of Fort Smith and Collin Riggin of Little Rock are getting married. They plan to wed on September 29, 2012. The ceremony will take place in Little Rock, where the couple currently resides.

Sara and Collin met through a mutual friend from work.  Although they didn't talk much at first, they soon began spending time together outside of their office.

Collin proposed while they were on vacation in Spain. As if the location wasn’t awesome enough, here’s how the rest of the story went:

“We visited Covadonga, a town that is famous in Spain for being the site of the re-conquest. It is also home to the Fountain of Seven Spouts, which has a myth -- ‘The Virgin of Covadonga has a fountain very clear, the girl who drinks from it will marry within a year.’ After hearing about the fountain and the myth, Collin decided that Covadonga was where he wanted to propose. When we stopped there on our trip I noticed he was acting nervous, but at the time wasn’t sure why. After I drank from the fountain, I turned around and there he was holding a ring in his hand, telling me how tongue-tied he was. He asked if I would marry him and I somehow managed an ‘Uh-huh!’”

Congratulations you two! We wish you the best!

Jamie Mitchell took the engagement photo of this adorable couple.

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