Monograms are a tradition as Southern as sweet tea and just as addicting. It starts out with a necklace and pretty soon, your initials are on pretty much everything you own (your mom would be so proud!).

If you’re one of these serial initialers, there’s a good chance you know just about all there is to know about monograms.

But did you know there are rules? Ah, yes. It’s not always as easy as it looks. Our girls with more complicated names can attest to that.

So here’s a breakdown of how monograms work. Take a sec and brush up on your knowhow.



Hermoine Jean Granger



Two words:

Vanellope Von Schweetz



One word with O’, Mc or Mac:

April Harriet O’Neil




Hyphenated last name:

Amelia Pond-Williams



Keeps maiden name:

Amelia Pond Williams





Hermione Jean Weasley & Ronald Bilius Weasley



Hyphenated or keeps maiden name:

Amelia Pond-Williams & Rory Arthur Williams



Two words:

Maria Augusta & Georg Johannes Von Trapp


One word with O’, Mc or Mac:

Kate & Peter McCallister


Are you a monogram fanatic? Click on the picture below and tell us your fave monogram item!

Photos by Megan Clemence Photography