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Much like planning a wedding, putting together each issue of Arkansas Bride is a labor of love – with an emphasis on both "labor" and "love". It would sound like a cliché to say we couldn't do it without the wonderful submissions we receive from readers, but if it weren't for the brides, you'd see a lot of blank pages in this publication.

We can't publish every wedding photo, but we can offer these five tips on how to make your appearance in the next issue of Arkansas Bride:

1. Make It Personal

The weddings we love the most are generally ones where the bride and groom personalized the day around their love for each other or their loves. Every couple is unique and the ones whose wedding day reflects that always stands out to us! 

2. Make Sure to Hire a Good Photographer

Sadly, some gorgeous weddings with amazing ideas and personalizations slip through our fingers due to poor photography. (Remember, you can always trust our partners!)

3. Make Do With the Budget You Have

Some of the best ideas we’ve seen resulted from brides needing to save money, so don’t feel pressure to break the bank.

4. Make Sure to Submit Your Photos

We choose weddings of all kinds, all budgets, all styles and from all regions of the state. Don’t hesitate to share. You never know what we might need or want to feature in the next issue! Submit at

5. Make Sure We Can Follow You

Use #arbride if you want us to follow your bridal journey (if your account is set to private, be sure to accept us as followers!).

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