Sarah Bussey Photography by Amanda

Just because our name is Arkansas Bride, that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about the groom once in awhile. Brides probably know they should get their girls gifts, but grooms should thank their guys, too. Here are five gift ideas your bros will love (even if they won’t say it).

1. Local Buzz

Get him a bottle of bourbon or moonshine from Rock Town Distillery. While you’re at it, pick up a flask or shot glass and get him the full kit. Just maybe ask him to not use your great gift on the morning of the wedding. He can wait to drink until after the vows.

2. A Close Shave

Unless it’s #NoShaveNovember, he’s probably going to have to pick up a razor almost every day. Make his shaving experience better by getting him a natural bristle shaving brush or shaving kit.

3. On the Right Foot

Everybody needs socks. Get him some really nice ones and he’ll be grateful. If you get brightly colored socks that coordinate with your color palette, you can also ask him to wear them on your wedding day. They’ll make for some fun, informal pics.

4. Tying the Knot

Lessen his financial burden and give him something that’s useful for special occasions. By buying him his wedding tie, whether it’s a bow tie or regular one, you can give your friend a thoughtful gift and make sure all the groomsmen’s ties match. Not sure where to shop? Our vendors sell all kinds of wedding garb.

5. Suit Up

If your friend has never been in a wedding before (or even to many formal events) he may not own a pair of cufflinks. They're the finishing touch for him to be fully suited up. Buy him a pair of nice monogrammed cufflinks for a gift he’ll treasure for years to come.