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There’s just something about calligraphy. The swooping, effortless letters drip with sophistication. For invitations that set the stage for a beautiful wedding, Arkansas has many professionals to suite your taste.

Betsy Burgess owns Anchor Port Studio in Prairie Grove where she hosts monthly Calligraphy Workshops. She also has a retail store in the studio on select dates, selling her own stationery items, as well as other handmade items from other vendors. Online, she has an Etsy store,, where she offers calligraphy address stamps and other items.

When did you begin doing calligraphy work? What got you interested?

I have always been artistic and loved hand lettering. In 2012, I was looking at calligraphy examples on Pinterest and decided that's what I was going to do to professionally. I could not find any calligraphy classes in my area, like I now teach, so I am completely self taught.  I did my first order 3 months after I first picked up a calligraphy pen and have been very passionate about what I do ever since and I now very much enjoy teaching others in my Modern Calligraphy Workshops at Anchor Port Studio in Prairie Grove.

What is your favorite style when it comes to calligraphy?

I currently offer nine styles of calligraphy for clients. They vary from traditional and elegant to more contemporary and modern styles. I have tried very hard to form styles that appeal to the personality of any couple and the wedding look that they are envisioning. My personal favorite is Sterling Castel, which is a very flowy, modern style combined with block lettering for the address.

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What are your favorite trends right now in the calligraphy world?

There will always be new trends in the stationery and calligraphy world that are gorgeous and fresh. Brush lettering has gained a lot of popularity lately and I love it! But at the same time, what I love about calligraphy the most, is that it is an Old World art form that continues on today. I love that more and more people are wanting to learn which is ensuring that calligraphy will live on in a technology driven world. So while new trends are always great and exciting, I love that some things stay true to tradition, especially wedding calligraphy. There is just no substitute for hand written calligraphy on your wedding suite and/or envelopes. Fonts do not hold the same "wow factor" when your guests first hold your invitation in their hands and that is a tradition that continues on decade after decade.

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What advice do you have for brides considering using a calligrapher for their wedding suite?

It is very important to book at least a month before you will need me if possible to make sure that I can hold your spot in my work calendar for your envelope calligraphy order. I will always try to calculate how long each individual order will take by asking the clients a few questions, that way they know when I will be starting and when they can expect the order to be complete. I also can assist with invitation design and menu calligraphy as well as day of items, including place cards, etc. Please feel free to contact me when you start looking into your wedding invitations if you need assistance or have questions.

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