Zoë Weddings

Sometimes it lucks out to have a business with the letter “Z.” It was a no-brainer for us to include Zoë Weddings in our A-Z feature. Kim Boyd, has led the Weddings division of Zoë Photographic Group for the past six years and we’ve been longtime fans of her work.

We talked with Kim about some of her favorite wedding moments and the best shoes to wear for a full day of wedding festivities:

Fave wedding moment: “Last year, we had the honor of shooting a surprise wedding and it was so fun! Probably my favorite moment was seeing the guests come into the backyard of what they thought was their annual Memorial Day party to the setting of a wedding. Their faces of shock and confusion turning into joy and tears of happiness was awesome to experience!”

Favorite type of wedding photos: “Always, always the first look with a bride and a groom. It's always the most emotional time of day. We always remind our couples that that may be the only time they are alone together on their day until they leave that night. That will always be my favorite set of wedding photos!”

Zoë Weddings by Kim

Most amazing or hilarious moment: “We had a bride have the unfortunate luck to have a bee get stuck between the 1000 layers of tulle on her gown. As we were working to get it free so she didn't get stung, we didn't notice that we had actually freed it until it flew directly at our faces. We all screamed like we were being chased by something scary, jumped back, and ended up laughing so hard. What we didn't know was that my second shooter was getting the entire thing on camera!”

Best shoes for a day of wedding photography: “I have a secret. I use Happy Feet inserts that are like walking on a cloud from heaven! So I can wear pretty much any shoe and make it comfortable! Most wedding days, I start in a wedge or dressier type of low-heeled shoe for the first part of the day, and when it's time for the reception, I change into flats. But both will always have the inserts!!”

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