Let's take a collective deep breath. Here we go...

Domino's Pizza has a registry!!! 

You read that right. Domino's chose to gift their glorious pizza to the wedding world after hearing they were a big part of the wedding process — from proposals to late night post-reception fuel, pizza was there for the ride.

With 11 options for every type of couple, the beloved pizza chain has covered all the bases. Some of the options include pizza catered to the bachelor or bachelorette party ($60 each), "Dancing with My Slice" ($100) feast for the reception party animals and a personal favorite, "Married but Chill" ($15) with the description "#tbt to when they got married, #nbd just like the best day ever." 

Domino's has even taken care of the post-wedding "To cook or not to cook?" question with options like the "Post-Honeymoon Adjustment to Real Life" for $25 (because you don't actually want to eat off those pretty new dishes, do you?). 

Thank you, Domino's, for answering all of our wildest wedding registry dreams.