River Chase Weddings & Events will host Arkansas' first-ever Bridal Wars competition at their gorgeous venue in Alma on June 24.

Bridal Wars takes the traditional bridal show format and turns it up a notch — or five. Bridal Wars is a team competition of brides and their maids against other bridal squads. Teams can be as small as two and as large as you want. Moms and grandmas are welcome, too. 

Each challenge throughout the day has different prizes. Local prizes (like gift certificates to your local vendors) are combined with our national prize sponsors. Prizes are also given out for Best Team Name and Best Team Attire. The grand prize will be won with a bouquet toss! 

All of the challenges are designed with fun in mind. For a list of challenges and videos, explore the website here. While you'll probably break a sweat in a few of the challenges, not all of them are physically demanding. But if a challenge isn't for you, brides and their teams have the option of sitting out any challenge throughout the day. 

"I'm looking forward to the laughter and watching the girls relax and enjoy being with their friends and family," says River Chase owner Brenda Morrell. "Planning your wedding can bring stress and mixed emotions sometimes within the bridal party, so to dedicate an afternoon together especially competing as a team is a great way to bond and be reminded that your wedding is a time for celebration and fun!"

For more information and to sign up your squad, click here

And here's a little taste of what it's all about: