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If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind upscale wedding venue, Greystone Estate is just the place. The spacious estate located on Beaver Lake in Rogers has recently expanded its offerings from an executive retreat destination to a full-service wedding venue.

The History

When Samantha and Rowdy Mott became engaged, the two did what every other engaged couple does — they looked for the perfect wedding venue. The two already owned a ranch in Washburn, Missouri, but it wasn’t necessarily “wedding ready”.

“After much discussion, we decided that having our wedding at the ranch would be most meaningful to us, so we began renovations on what now is Rockford Grange,” Samantha says. “We’ve enjoyed sharing Rockford Grange with the public so much that when Greystone Estate was obtained by our family, we decided to go in the same direction and open it up for others to enjoy as well.”

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Coincidentally, Rockford Grange and Greystone Estate share quite a bit of history — not just the same current owners. Greystone Estate was built by Willard Robertson, a local icon to the area in the 1960s. His home base was Greystone Estate and he built what is now the venue, cabins, and other recreational accommodations at Rockford Grange for his Olympic training in martial arts.

“The previous owners of Greystone, the Soderquist family, also share ties to our family,” Samantha says. “Specifically, Don Soderquist who was a mentor to Randy, Rowdy’s father, during his career at Walmart.”

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The Space Itself

Greystone Estate was built in 1967, and has been impeccably reserved ever since. The entire home is constructed out of 2,000 tons of Ozark grey marble and took seven years to finish building. The home’s raw materials, furniture, lighting and décor were imported from various countries, Samantha says.

“Much of the home is lined with hand-crafted wood such as mahogany and English Oak and boasts several impressive Austrian chandeliers,” she adds. “Other parts of the home include imported marble countertops and floors as well as gold fixtures on the bathroom faucets and sinks.”

Luxury, indeed.

What Brides Can Expect

For brides looking for exclusivity in their wedding venue, Greystone Estate offers just that.

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“Greystone Estate is a unique venue in that there will be a limited number of weddings allowed each year,” Samantha says. “As one of the region’s most glorious and private estates, we intend to keep it exclusive in nature. The cost of a wedding package at Greystone ranges from $15,000-$30,000 depending on the use of the venue and if they choose the option to utilize our five-star overnight accommodations.”

In addition to overnight accommodations, Greystone Estate offers a variety of services including table and chair set up, valet parking and on-site concierge.

Looking Ahead

Since the Motts only recently opened Greystone Estate up for weddings, they haven’t yet hosted a wedding on the premises — but they are now taking bookings! In addition to weddings, the couple hosts many executive retreats that are scheduled through Milestone Leadership Powered by Soderquist.

“We look forward to sharing this space with Arkansas and the surrounding region and hope to see many brides and grooms celebrate their unification at Greystone Estate,” Samantha says.

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For more information about Greystone Estate or Rockford Grange, contact the Motts at 479-422-1444 or rockfordgrange@gmail.com.