Y'all (and your closets) are probably well acquainted with Riffraff, a clothing boutique based out of Fayetteville with arguably the best social media game in the biz. We teamed up with Riffraff and their sister company Friday + Saturday to reveal their newest bridal tee launch tailor-made for brides before, during and after the wedding bells. 

Kelsey Sugg, director of Friday + Saturday, chatted with us about what goes into making a new tee and what girls can expect with this new line (which you can shop here!).

AB: How did the idea come about to start a specific tee line for weddings/brides/bridesmaids?

KS: We realized that there was a huge demand for wedding apparel as well as tees that could be worn for bachelorette parties. It was definitely something that Kirsten and I wanted for ourselves and we knew that our customers were looking for something similar.

AB: We're guessing that the line will be part of the Friday + Saturday brand? Tell me a little about the distinction between Friday + Saturday and Riffraff and how the two are intertwined.

KS: Yes, the bridal collection is part of our Friday + Saturday brand, which is specifically a wholesale line that is carried by Riffraff and hundreds of other retailers across the nation. Riffraff is our sister store that sells Friday + Saturday as well as multiple other brands direct to the consumer.

AB: We know you (Kelsey) and Kirsten have both gotten married in the past year. (Congrats, by the way!!) Did planning those weddings spark any fun ideas for these tees?

KS: We actually planned the collection before both of us were engaged. Kirsten really loved the Getting Hitched tee and was so excited to wear it wedding dress shopping. After going on our honeymoons we both realized that there was a need for a tee that you could wear after the wedding was over. For this collection, we introduced the Married Vibes design with the idea that you can wear it on your honeymoon and long after the honeymoon is over.

AB: Friday + Saturday has so many cute tees… how does a t-shirt idea go from being just an idea to a buyable item?

KS: We start out our planning meetings by tossing around ideas and from there we try to narrow down what would actually look good on a tee. We then mock the designs on tees and play around with different colors and fonts. Lastly, we lay it all out as a collection to make sure it’s cohesive and from there it goes to print.

AB: Are the tees made in-house?

KS: Yes, all of our tees are designed in-house by a team of all women.

AB: Tell us about the newest line. What can girls expect?

KS: We are launching 6 tees, 2 koozies, and a hat. When designing around a theme, we knew we wanted to make something that everyone involved with the wedding day could wear. We designed tees that were specific to the bride as well as tees that her family, besties, or bridal party could wear. We are especially excited about the Married Vibes tee because it can be worn by a bride that is just married or one that has been married for 10 years.

To snag one of these adorable tees, head to ShopRiffraff.com!