Photo courtesy of Domi Quinn

Who better to dish advice on finding the perfect wedding dress than someone who's been doing it for almost four years at one of Arkansas' premier bridal boutiques? That person is Low's Bridal & Formal consultant Domi Quinn.

During her career, Quinn has worked for two of the largest fashion stores in the U.S. She's always been drawn to fashion and following new trends and styles. That passion led her to a job in bridal fashion — a world where trends are ever-changing and finding the perfect dress is a bit like a fairytale ending.

In a typical day, Quinn is either wrapped up with bridal appointments or focusing on details for a bride's upcoming wedding. She says finding brides the perfect accessories take up a bulk of her time not spent with brides for appointments. 

"After meeting my bride it’s more personal, they will call me and ask for help picking their bridesmaids colors, style of the dresses and other things," she says. "You are not just their consultant anymore, you have become a friend, and it is more personal. I'm always here for her. It’s the most amazing feeling when I get that connection with my bride. It’s really hard to explain but it’s something that I thrive on."

We chatted with Quinn about her advice to brides who are on the hunt for that perfect dress. Here's what she had to say:  

1. Do your research before your appointment. 

Look at styles, designs, fabrics and what looks she loves. But just because she loves something online, that doesn't guarantee that she will love it on her. So a little homework is always good.

2. Don't be afraid to try something on that doesn't fit your "vision."

We have tons of dresses in different colors, styles, etc. In most cases, I strive to know what dress we have in what size, or if we don't have that particular dress I know we have something very similar. A lot of brides nowadays bringing a picture of "the dress," so as a bridal consultant it's very important that we recognize the dresses.

3. Be open-minded.

If you are coming to the store with a picture of "the perfect dress" that's great but it’s good to try different styles. You will be surprised! 

4. Know that all bodies are different and you WILL find something you love.

Again, be open-minded. As women, we have different styles and personalities. We are different sizes and shapes. We are tall or we are short. That perfect dress from the picture might not be the one she will love and it’s OK. We can always find something that will look beautiful.

I tell my brides, that we are all not the model type, the 6-foot-tall girl that makes everything look amazing. You know, you have to have a little sense of humor doing this job. Personal testimony is also very important and that is what always helps warm her up to me. I tell my brides what I wanted. My story of the process of finding my dress. That "vision" in my head, did not look good on me at all. But I found my perfect dress so that's all that mattered in the end.

5. These two styles look good on all body types.

You can’t go wrong with A-line or a ball gown. A fitted bodice paired with a dramatic full skirt compliments all body shapes.

6. Wedding dress sizes are JUST a number. 

Wedding dresses run small, so please don't worry what size you’re trying on, this is just a number. This is not the size of clothing you are wearing. In bridal gowns approximately you have to go up a size or two. Be open-minded to try different styles of dresses because you might be surprised what looks amazing on you.

7. There is a such thing as inviting too many people on your dress appointments. 

They say less is more and I totally agree with that. I would only bring three or four people. Having more people means having more opinions and trying to make everyone happy. Everyone wants to pull a dress, and have her try what they have envisioned her wearing. We all have different perceptions of what we would like for her to wear but none of us can see it through her eyes. Every bride has imagined how she wants to look on her wedding day, and we should help her follow her dream.

8. Teamwork makes the dream work (especially during big sales like Low's Semi-Annual Half Price Sale June 6-August 4).

It’s all about teamwork between me and my bride. The best thing is to have an open mind. Sometimes a consultant can take what you have told them and pull a dress that pulls it all together, remember we see all body types and can often picture a gown that is perfection.