Many little girls start dreaming about their wedding day as a child, and when that moment finally comes, she wants it to be absolutely perfect. Brides spend months preparing for their big day, coordinating everything from location and menu to their dress and what their makeup will look like. In the midst of all of the planning, brides often forget small essentials that they might need at the last-minute as they get ready to walk down the aisle and say “I do.” What are some items that you should consider as a bride-to-be?

  • Sewing kit: A needle and thread, as well as an extra button (if applicable to your dress) and small scissors is a must for brides. Whether you have to resecure your bustle, fix a small tear or reattach a lost button, a sewing kit will give you peace of mind that you can keep your gown together and look perfect.

  • Fabric tape: Ideal for securing fabric, straps, pads and other wardrobe pieces, fabric tape can hold everything where it should be.

  • Strapless bra: Many gowns have sheer tops, are strapless, have thin straps or other intricate designs. Nude strapless bras are a great solution for providing brides with support and coverage, without taking away from the beauty of the dress’ neckline.

  • Small manicure set: Whether you opted to have your nails done or are going with a natural look, consider a manicure set that includes clippers, a nail file, a nail buffer and clear nail polish (or a matching color) to handle hangnails, scuffs or scrapes. Hands are the center of many wedding photos and should be taken into account when getting ready.

  • Makeup bag and essentials: The makeup artists at Salon Scarlet or Salon Karizma know what they're doing, but sometimes you need to fix something yourself. Find a small makeup bag that will keep all of your essentials easily accessible, and consider items such as waterproof mascara, concealer, SPF face products and lip balm.

  • Bobby pins: Intricate updos and loose waves both require styling, which often entails bobby pins. Even if your hair stylist has all of the hair tools you need, it’s not a bad idea to have some extra pins on hand so you can secure loose strands or add body where needed.

  • Hair tie: Many women have a hair tie handy on her wrist or within her purse, but it might not be the first thing you think of for your wedding-day bag. If your hair gets in your face while you’re dancing, or you simply want to throw it up at the end of the night, have a hair elastic on hand.

  • Hairspray: There are many anti-frizz hairsprays out there that can help keep your hairstyle looking perfect throughout the entire evening. If you’re getting married outside, be sure to look into options that combat humidity.

  • Thank-you cards: Thank-you cards aren’t just for the guests that bring you a gift. They are also great for vendors and other unexpected wedding-day helpers. It’s an extremely nice gesture to pass along a quick thank-you to those that helped make your day perfect.

  • Gift for your bride or groom: Brides and grooms often give each other a small gift on the morning of their wedding. Sometimes it’s something simple like a note, but other times it’s cufflinks or jewelry. Get an idea of what your husband- or wife-to-be is planning and make sure you have something ready as well.

These are just some of the items worth considering for your big day. As a bride or groom yourself, think about what’s most important to you and what’s going to make you feel the most stress-free for your wedding. After all, no one wants to be worrying about a wardrobe malfunction or bad hair day when it’s time to celebrate love and happiness with your friends and family.

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