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Ashley Murphy of Ashley Murphy Images and her husband Mac have decided to move their art gallery, M2 Gallery, to the South Main neighborhood. And with the move comes enough space to open M2 Gallery up as a wedding and events space. 

"Being a wedding photographer, it has always been a dream of mine to own a small, intimate venue," Ashley says. "I have owned M2 Gallery for over 11 years with my husband, Mac, and our business partner. When we decided to relocate, we specifically sought out this space in SoMa because of the opportunity to have a beautiful space for artwork and for special events."

We chatted with Ashley about the new space and what brides can expect. 

Tell me about the history of the venue. What was the building used for before becoming an event space?

Ashley: The building started out in the early 1900s as a general store and has been several things throughout the years. It has been a lounge called the “Putty Tat” and it was the home of Juanita’s for many years. Most recently, it was utilized by Oxford American as an event space.

Ashley Murphy Images

What price points should brides expect when looking into booking a wedding at the venue?

Ashley: Starting prices will be $1,000 for just the venue. We will also offer complete packages including photography by myself (Ashley Murphy Images) and catering by South on Main. Pricing will depend on the size of the wedding and time needed.

What was the inspiration behind the interior and exterior design?

Ashley: The interior of the space is a mix of modern and historical. Crisp white walls and ceiling mixed with exposed brick. Touches of antique with a vintage piano, Victorian couch and surrounded with modern artwork. It’s everything you’d expect about having your wedding in an art gallery.

Ashley Murphy Images

Ashley Murphy Images

What are you most excited about with this venue in terms of weddings?

Ashley: From my perspective, photography is the most important aspect. The space is beautiful to photograph in. Brides and grooms will have numerous options in the space and in the surrounding SoMa area for an amazing set of photographs to remember their day.

How would you describe the feel of the venue?

Ashley: The perfect mix of old and new. The venue is for the bride and groom who want something different than the normal offerings of other area venues. It’s like having your wedding on Old Main Street, USA, while also having your wedding in a high-end art gallery in New York City.

Ashley Murphy Images

What are some of the perks you offer brides when they choose the venue?

Ashley: We will offer discounted photography prices through Ashley Murphy Images plus special rates on catering from South on Main restaurant. We will also offer the space for rehearsal dinner and any bridal showers at a discounted rate to our brides and grooms.

For more about M2 Gallery, reach out to Ashley and Mac at (501) 944-7155.