Members of the Arkansas Bride staff answer the question, "What’s the best thing you ever ate at a wedding?"

“I love late-night snacks. My little sister had a warm pretzel cart with yummy dipping cheeses and toppings at her wedding in October.” –Lindsay

“I was at a wedding last fall and the couple served burgers and fries, but the fries were in these little bags with their monogram!” –Lydia

“Cute, casual munchie foods: little pizza portions, chicken and waffle portions, mac'n'cheese balls.” –Brandy

“I'm a huge charcuterie board fan.” –Alicia

“Strawberry shortcake at my best friend’s wedding!” –Maddie

“I attended a wedding recently that had the BEST chocolate covered strawberries ever!” –Bliss

“A wedding that was catered by the Tacos 4 Life truck — their cheese dip.” –Dana