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Heroncrest at Elmdale Estate 

Heroncrest at Elmdale Estate is a venue located in northwest Arkansas dreamt up by Beau Reynolds and Robert Murphy. 

Beau and Robert have been working on Heroncrest for over 10 years as a way to give back to the northwest Arkansas community. They decided to create a space for people to come together and celebrate life. For years, they took notes about what they wanted to incorporate into Heroncrest and planned for the venue — and part of their focus is to give back a large portion of proceeds to various local charities.

"Our focus has always been on the long-term impact that Heroncrest would have on our community," Beau said. "And also how it would help us to leave our legacy." 

Entering the estate is like stepping foot into a magical new world. You're surrounded by lake views and sweeping pastures without having to step off of a paved surface. "You get to be with nature but still have all of the refined features of a modern space," Beau said. 

The space itself features a large reception space that's flooded with natural light. Located close to the bigger cities in northwest Arkansas, this flexible space is equipped to host the largest and the most intimate of weddings. Booking with Heroncrest includes the perks of table and chair setup, cleaning, security and traffic services included, 160 private paved parking spaces, the 7,300 square foot Great Hall, the 14,000 square foot building and 12,000 square feet of green space surrounded by water, meaning that the options for creating your dream wedding here are endless. 

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Zero Waste Goal

Beau and Robert are passionate people with a lot of experience and they have mastered many disciples throughout the years of owning a venue. Heroncrest on Elmdale Estate has decided to go completely zero waste. Their goal is to divert 95% of waste at events held on the Elmdale Estate.

"Our intention is to continue to narrow that final 5% down to 0% over the next few years," Beau said. "We have already found local partners that are going to help us ensure the waste from events is managed properly but also are taking steps to ensure that before materials are brought on-site that details are thought through on how they will be managed after an event." 

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Smart Flower Solar System & Other Special Features

The Elmdale Estate is piloting many new up and coming projects to boost sustainability for NWA, and the very first production will include a Smart Flower Solar System. This Smart Flower will open up as the sun comes out, follow the sun for maximum solar energy all day and will use the energy collected to help power Heroncrest. 

The estate also has three dedicated electric car charging stations on the estate for Teslas and other electronically charged vehicles. 

Heroncrest will be the first venues of it's kind to purchase a Steinway & Sons Spirio | r Concert Grand. Not only is it a full performance concert grand, but it has an ever-growing list of songs that can be selected to be played via the connected iPad.

Heroncrest is an estate you don't want to miss out on. To learn more or find out how you can host your upcoming wedding there, click here. 

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