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2020 will forever be known as the year of canceled and postponed weddings. After months of uncertainty, and with no end to COVID-19 in sight, we’re now seeing couples forge ahead with smaller, more intimate ceremonies and receptions. Their guest lists may be limited, but the beauty of their weddings is not.

From floral arches to sentimental salutes, Chris Norwood, AIFD, Vice President of Tipton & Hurst, is sharing the current top microwedding trends:

Elaborate Non-traditional Altars

With the current restrictions on large gatherings, weddings are steadily becoming virtual and social media-heavy experiences. To create focal points for guests, brides are opting against multiple smaller floral arrangements for
elaborate, often non-traditional altars with floral arches or geometric eternity rings.

Photo courtesy of Tipton & Hurst

Photo courtesy of Tipton & Hurst

Vertical Aisle Markers

Traditionally, small flower arrangements, garlands or custom signs were the most popular choices for designating family-only or bridal party seats. Because many weddings are now being held outdoors, brides are maximizing the shorter aisles with oversized, vertical and Instagram-worthy aisle markers.

Sentimental Touches

COVID-19 has meant many couples’ loved ones aren’t able to attend weddings in-person. Brides are ensuring their presence is still felt with sentimental items like embroidered handkerchiefs or front-door deliveries of small bouquets, corsages or boutonnieres.

Socially-distanced Table Layouts

Scaling back the guest list can often make venues feel empty. Many brides have decided to keep the same layout, but social distance guests at tables. This allows them to keep the floral arrangements or décor they had previously selected while filling the space.

Photo courtesy of Tipton & Hurst

Nods to COVID-19

Custom face masks are the new signature drink. In addition to live-streaming their wedding festivities, brides are embracing the times with COVID-19 related party favors — from hashtag-branded hand sanitizer to individually-wrapped send-off bubbles.

With positivity and creativity, couples are adjusting their plans and taking the opportunity to celebrate — even in the midst of a global pandemic. If you need wedding inspiration, stop by one of Tipton & Hurst’s five store locations or visit tiptonhurst.com.