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We chose 20 photos for 2020, and these photos definitely stood out among the more than 100 that were nominated by our Christmas Eve deadline last week. Wow! Thanks so much for sharing your favorite moments captured. Now, it's time for you to help us crown the best photo of the year! 

Enjoy these incredible portraits and candids captured in 2020, then, vote for your fave! 

The winning photo will be announced sometime on Dec. 31st. That's right, fewer than two days to vote! So, share and spread the word—help your favorite photo win!


1. Savannah and Brent Burden
A romantic close-up in black and white at the Barn at Sleepy Hollow.
Photographer: Kylie Farmer Photography

Kylie Farmer Photography

2. Estefanie Pérez and Griffin Peeples 
Griffin serenading Estefanie in Spanish at Chenal Country Club.
Photographer: Erin Wilson Photography and Films 

Erin Wilson Photography and Films

3. Josee and Kyle Powell
Elopement in the fog atop Sam's Throne in Mount Judea, Arkansas.
Photographer: Count in Threes Photo

Count in Threes Photo

4. Caroline Smith
Rainbow during her bridals (in a gown from Tesori).
Photographer: The Montoya Collective

5. Olivia and Keon Parker
A bright, cheerful post-ceremony moment captured.
Photographer: Raegan Buckley Photography 

Raegan Buckley Photography

6. Mary Beth and Jordan
Stunning elopement in the snow at St. Catherine's at Bell Gable.
Photographer: Boston Mountain Photo

Boston Mountain Photo

7. Peyton Smith and Gannon Wright 
So much love for this newlywed couple at Osage House.
Photographer: Laura Powers Photo

8. Jimmy and Rachel
Adorable fist pumps. We like her unique gown from Joon Bridal.
Photographer: Laura Powers Photo

Laura Powers Photo

9. Liz Ramsey Brawner and groom
This couple's wedding was canceled and this veil-billowing moment was captured after their romantic city hall wedding.
Photographer: Claire Alberius Photo

Claire Alberius Photo

10. Kynnadee and Montel Moore
A very memorable COVID-19, 2020 moment. Bride wearing a gown from Low's Bridal & Formal at The Barn at Moore’s in Greenbriar.
Photographer: Bailee McKay Photography

Bailee McKay Photography

11. Tarah Hill and Brandon Johnson
Beautiful moment captured of teary bride and groom. Tarah's She Said Yes Bridal gown makes this photo even more special.
Photographer: Stephanie Parsley Photography

Stephanie Parsley Photography

12. Victoria McGaha
Dad-daughter, first-look cries melt us.
Photographer: Kayleigh Ross Photography

Kayleigh Ross Photography

13. Staci and Cory Meyer
Love the smoke-filled scene. Lots of love — and sparklers!
Photographer: Elizabeth Buccheri

Elizabeth Buccheri

14. Anna and Tyler Renard
A colorful moment captured — love the confetti! Gown from Low's Bridal & Formal.
Photographer: The Shrewsburys

The Shrewsburys

15. Lisa Roda and Ricky Garcia
Every photo of this couple and wedding could be an entry, but we fell in love with this stunning close-up (and the sparkle on Lisa's off-the-shoulder gown from Low's Bridal & Formal adds a special twinkle).
Photographer: Caressa Rogers Photography

Caressa Rogers Photography


16. Denzel and Karla (READER'S CHOICE FOR BEST OF 2020!)
A dramatic night portrait at Angelo's Garden.
Photographer: SkytouchePhotos


17. Micah and Hunter Throckmorton
Oh-so-sweet first-look feels.
Photographer: Ozark Gals

Ozark Gals

18. Abby Walker
Love the skirt blowing in the wind and that amazing view.
Photographer: Taylor Howard Photography

Taylor Howard Photography

19. Jennifer and Eddy Carmona
We could've picked about 10 photos from this adorable Bella Vista couple's wedding day, but this puppy pose stole our hearts.
Photographer: Alex Villar Photography

Alex Villar Photography

20. Emily and Kayla
From these beautiful brides' amazing styles and the precious moment captured between them in this image to the perfectly-fall backdrop that is just oh-so Fayetteville—it's a perfect photo.
Photographer: Joshua Sagar

Joshua Sagar