We asked executive chef Steve Binotti of Cypress Social, central Arkansas’ new restaurant and event space, for his list of newlywed kitchen must-haves. His go-to tools and the beauty of Cypress Social inspired this ensemble.

Jacob Slaton

1.    Shun knives
2.    Personalized wooden cutting board
3.    Rotary cheese grater
4.    Salt and pepper mills
5.    Digital thermometer
6.    Immersion circulator
7.    All-Clad cookware set
8.    Grill skillet
9.    Rocks glass set
10.    Bar tools set
11.    Mortar and pestle

Florals Silks-A-Bloom, Little Rock
Rocks glass, silver bar tools, nut dish and monogrammed cutting board Tipton & Hurst, Little Rock
  Mortar and pestle, digital thermometer, Shun knife and salt and pepper mills The Everyday Chef, Little Rock
  Red dishware and blue dotted pottery dish The Full Moon, Little Rock

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