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Lindsey Stavely and Erin Bridges, the owners of Tesori Bridal, and Beth Talebi of Joon Bridal, are teaming up to demonstrate how women can support women as business-owners in the wedding industry and create a better experience for Northwest Arkansas brides seeking the perfect gown for their special day. 

When Joon Bridal opened in Fayetteville, many people asked Stavely if she was concerned about having a competitor open in the same city as her. Instead of becoming defensive, Stavely welcomed Talebi with open arms and together they created a respectful relationship.

"We've chosen community over competition," Stavely said. "We've created healthy boundaries. Tesori has always focused on its own lane, and when a new store opens we focus on how we better ourselves rather than worrying about what they're doing."

As part of that relationship, the store owners are able to give each other advice about navigating the wedding industry and working with other vendors, as well as build a friendship built on their shared experiences as bridal store owners. 

"While I believe our current social climate is working towards inclusivity and women supporting women, there’s also a stigma in the industry where if two people have similar goals — they're automatically deemed as rivals," Talebi said. "We’ve been fortunate that that isn’t the case between Linds and me. When I announced I was opening Joon, Lindsey reached out to me showing her support and has cheered me on the entire way. We often talk about the importance of keeping bride’s shopping local and while we’re both catering to a similar clientele, we each believe in our own vision, which do differ from one another — and there’s room for each shop to be successful." 

Freckled Fox Photography

Erin Bridges (left), Lindsey Stavely and Beth Talebi (right) are promoting their collaboration on social media, with the intention of spreading their message to other business-owners within and without the Arkansas wedding industry. 

Photography: Freckled Fox Photography

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