What is the name of your business?

What region of Arkansas do you operate in?

  • I currently do about 70% of my work in NWA and 20-30% in Little Rock and its surrounding areas.


How would you describe your style?
  • My style is light, bright and timeless! I want my clients to look back in 30 years and think their photos haven't aged a day. I shoot true to color with film emulating editing strategies to give my clients a dreamy heirloom gallery. 


Do you have a mission statement?
  • EFP is a fine art wedding photographer capturing genuine love for couples who value tradition, adventures, fun, and of course, starting their lives as a married couple. I serve laid-back, fun loving, elegant brides that desire a beautiful wedding celebrating the combining of two families through my ability to be everyone's biggest hype girl, my customizable wedding collections and giving them the stress free wedding day they deserve.


What do you hope to accomplish for your clients? 
  • My biggest hope is to ensure my clients that they won't have to worry about a thing on their wedding day, when it comes to photography. I hear it all the time, "We're awkward in photos, we don't know how to pose, tell me if I have a double chin, etc".  My job as your photographer is to eliminate all of that negative talk and stress for you, I will handle it all. I'll pose and direct you and I'll be your biggest hype girl while doing it! This is the best day of your life and I'm going to make you feel like a queen!


What do you think is the most important thing to capture in a wedding?
  • Emotion!! I LOVE when my clients look at their final gallery when it's delivered and say "I can FEEL this photo". That is the greatest compliment for a photographer. I want to capture the excitement you feel when putting on your dress that morning, the joy and overwhelming tears of happiness from your groom when he sees you, the sweet moment between father and daughter before walking down the aisle, the giggles you two share during your first dance as everyone watches you.. It's the little fleeting moments that are so precious and important to capture, they're my absolute favorite! 
  • And you can NEVER go wrong with bride and groom portraits at sunset!!  ;)


What is your favorite part of what you do?
  • Making connections and friendships with my clients is one of my absolute favorite things about what I do! I LOVE when I shoot a beautiful young women's senior photos, then a couple years later I'm shooting her wedding, then shooting her maternity photos! Staying close with my clients and being small parts of each other's lives brings so much purpose to this job and making lasting friendships with my clients is so special to me!


What challenges have you had to overcome in the pandemic?
  • Like most small businesses, the pandemic has completely changed the game! For the wedding industry, it means smaller (and fewer) weddings, which meant less word of mouth and less connections made at each wedding. Brides are still somewhat nervous to have their weddings in 2021 so I'm anticipating a very busy 2022! 
  • With the pandemic there has been significantly less travel as well, and I can't wait to get back into the swing of things, hopefully soon!


What do you think any future clients would want to know about you?
  • I want my future clients to know that I am here for them no matter what!! I want them to know I'm so excited and honored to be a part of their wedding day and my goal is to give them beautiful and artful photographs to look at forever! 

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