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May 14, 2022 | Ballroom at I Street | Caitlin Wilson Photography

Brigette and Justice met when they were in middle school over 13 years ago. Even though they were in different classes, she caught Justice’s eye and he messaged her on Facebook later that night. “He asked me to be his girlfriend a couple weeks later on a school field trip to the Pea Ridge Battlefield,” Brigette said. “I hung around him just enough that day for him to ask me to be his girlfriend and then once he asked, I said yes and was too shy to talk to him for the rest of the afternoon.”

Justice proposed on a family vacation to Florida in 2020. He told Brigette to get ready for family portraits on the beach, and surprised her by getting down on one knee. She was so surprised, and they got to celebrate with family for the remainder of the trip!

Caitlin Wilson Photography

Q & A

Q: What were your florals inspired by?

My personal style is a mix of classic and trendy pieces,” Brigette said. “I really wanted our wedding to embody our style as a couple and the word that came to mind when choosing a theme for our wedding was chic. I knew I wanted over the top florals with a modern twist to help bring all of our design aspects together.”

Caitlin Wilson Photography

Q: What were your wedding colors?

Our wedding colors were pink, red and champagne-gold,” Brigette said. “ Pink is my favorite color and red is Justice’s favorite color. The ”all white” wedding got pretty popular in the last couple of years and I really wanted our wedding photos to stand out so I went with pink & red since it was something new and different.  It’s a bold color palette, but I’m absolutely in love with how it all came together.”

Caitlin Wilson Photography

Q: Did you hire a wedding planner?

We hired Katie McIntire with Amanda Reed Weddings,” Brigette said. “ It was amazing to have someone with vast industry knowledge to talk to during the planning process. I can’t say enough good things about Amanda Reed’s team. They are fantastic and love their brides so well. Highly recommend!”

Q: How did you customize your wedding?

We wanted to find a way to honor our heritage on both sides,” Brigette said. “For me, I took a few bridal portraits in a red saree that I had on display during the reception next to my photo in my traditional white wedding dress. For Justice, we decided to honor his family’s Hispanic heritage through our food. We served our guests an authentic taco bar for dinner.”

“We also incorporated a time of worship/prayer into our reception. Before the traditional dances began, Justice and I were seated on our dance floor and we asked family and friends to come out and pray over our marriage.” 

Caitlin Wilson Photography

Q: What was your favorite moment of the wedding day? 

We opted for a private dinner after our ceremony,” Brigette said. “This was hands down my favorite moment on our wedding day. Our nerves had settled because the ceremony was over and we were finally able to spend time together that day. We actually got to talk to one another, enjoy our food and even had time to practice our first dance a few times.”

Q: List your No-Brainer Must Haves!

  • Candy Bar
  • Naming cocktails after pets
  • Joint-parent and step-parent dance 
  • Memorial table to honor family and friends that have passed

Q: What detail made your day feel perfect?

“Everything about our day was truly perfect,” Brigette said. “The weather was amazing, we got to see friends and family we haven’t seen in years, all the details we planned came together, but I think what made the day so perfect was that we finally got to marry each other. Justice and I are each other’s best friend and have known one another for over 12 years. It was surreal to have made it to the day we always dreamt of, especially after almost 2 years of engagement.”

Caitlin Wilson Photography


Instead of a father-daughter dance, Bridgette and her family decided to have a “parent” dance, which also included her step-parents.

Caitlin Wilson Photography


Bridgette had a piece of the dress she got engaged in sewn into her wedding dress.

Caitlin Wilson Photography


“We named our bride and groom specialty cocktails after our dogs, Duke and Sydney,” Brigette said. “Our dogs are like our babies and it was important to us that they were incorporated in some way on our day.”

Caitlin Wilson Photography


Planner, Designer & Coordinator: Katie McIntire with Amanda Reed Weddings; Florist: Samantha’s Garden; Catering: Carmelita Catering Co.

Caitlin Wilson Photography


Venue: Ballroom at I Street; Photography: Caitlin Wilson Photography; Videography: Byrd Creative; Rentals: Eventology; Lighting: Lightworks Events; Linens: BBJCake: Shelby Lynn's Cake Shoppe; Bar service: Mint 2 Mix; DJ: Jeremy with Brock Entertainment; Invitations and signage: Dayflower Designs; Wedding dress, veil and overskirt: Norman's Bridal, Springfield, Missouri; Photo booth: Ozark Mix; Neon Sign: Neon Chicken; Hair and makeup: Boun Vang

Caitlin Wilson Photography