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August 12, 2023 | Osage House | Cave Springs | Cameron and Elizabeth Photography

Callie and Adam’s relationship was a slow-burn romance. The two met when she was seven and he was nine. Callie’s mother married her stepfather, whose best friend was Adam’s late father. They grew up together and were great friends, but they didn’t start dating until they were in college at the University of Arkansas.

Callie knew Adam was the one after watching him bond with her mother and grandmother.

“I am loyal, protective, and comedically roast the people I love, and I got it [honestly] from my mother and grandmother. My mother and my grandmother are two of the most important people in the world to me,” Callie said. “Watching his relationship with my mother and grandmother develop and seeing him love, protect and joke with them the same way I do made me realize that he was the one.”

Adam surprised Callie by popping the question on their annual trip to Ponte Vedra Beach, a place that is important to Callie and her family. While staying at her grandmother’s beach house overlooking the ocean, Adam tricked Callie into coming outside to look at something in the ocean, and she was confused as the only creature she could see was a bird. 

“When I turned around, he was down on one knee, and I was so stunned that I think my jaw hit the floor and didn’t come back up for a good minute,” Callie said. “After the initial shock, I fell to the ground and said yes, but after that, I couldn’t speak for a good thirty minutes. I’m not easy to surprise and [Adam is] the only person who could [pull] off the biggest and best surprise of my life.”

Cameron and Elizabeth Photography


Cameron and Elizabeth Photography

Osage House

Planning and design
Katie McIntire for Amanda Reed Weddings


Wedding dress
Unveiled Bridal Collection

Hair & Make Up
Kat Martin and Brandon Golden with Belle & Blush

Mega DJ Company

Cameron and Elizabeth Photography

Cameron and Elizabeth Photography


Wedding rings: Underwoods and Cartier; Catering: Catering Unlimited; Bartending: MINT 2 MIX; Live painter: Lucile's Studio; Airbrush tan: Glow & Go by Ashley; Signage: Dayflower Designs; Stationery: Shindig Paperie; Dance floor: Center Stage Floors; Tabletop rentals: POSH Couture Rentals; Furniture rentals: White Door Events; Linens: BBJ La Tavola and Nuage Designs; Lighting: Lightworks Events; Cake: Shelby Lynn's Cake Shoppe; Getaway Car: NWA High Society

Cameron and Elizabeth Photography

Cameron and Elizabeth Photography

Q & A

Q: What inspired your color palette?

A: “The color palette happened organically through the meetings with vendors, and we kept adding on to it the further along we went in the planning process. We started with blush and navy from the invitations meeting and the greens and various blues came from the linens and rentals I picked out. The signage and details meeting helped me to see how all the colors would come together beautifully for the wedding day.”

Q: Tell us about the floral arch over the dance floor! What inspired that? 

A: “In a floral meeting, my planner, my mom and I were trying to come up with something to do over the dance floor. My mom had been looking on Instagram and saw this pergola that someone had posted, and we all loved it. Osage House had never done a pergola before either and I thought it’d be a cool and unique thing to try!”

Cameron and Elizabeth Photography

Q: What is your secret to wedding planning success?

A: “I’d have to say be open minded because I feel like that’s where the magic happened. In each meeting I had, I would tell the vendors if there was anything they were wanting to try, I’m the bride to try it with because I wanted the wedding to be fun, beautiful and unique. I also wanted to give vendors the ability to be creative and have fun. Another secret was I also made sure we stayed true to ourselves and had our wedding reflect us as individuals and as a couple coming together. I didn’t want any outside opinions or trends to determine what our wedding was going to look like and it made our wedding just that, ours.”

Q: What was your most worth-it wedding splurge?

A: “That’s just an unfair question so I’ll pick three: THE wedding planner of all wedding planners, the photographers and the florals. My wedding planner, Katie, understood me, she was creative and collaborative, and executed everything perfectly to ensure that I would love and enjoy my wedding day. I knew I wanted timeless and creative photos that accurately depicted our day, and the photographers nailed that perfectly. I also knew I wanted beautiful florals that were timeless and elegant but still extraordinary.”

Q: Was there a special detail from your decor that sticks out to you the most?

A: “The ‘Hello Darling’ on the Anthropologie mirror was in honor of my grandmother and that was special to me. Any time she calls, texts [or] sees you, she greets you with ‘Hello Darling.’ As far as what I loved the most, probably I’d narrow it down to the pergola and the Onyx details. The pergola with all the greenery and gorgeous florals felt like stepping into a fairy tale. Onyx is part of our little family and is a beloved dog by all my friends and family and it was important to me to tie him [into] our wedding day in such a cute and fun way.”

Cameron and Elizabeth Photography

Cameron and Elizabeth Photography


Callie and Adam customized their big day with three signature cocktails, napkins and cocktail stir sticks, with a watercolor of their dog Onyx and trucker hats that said “Aw, heck,” a phrase Adam, his late father and Callie’s stepfather all say.

Cameron and Elizabeth Photography

Cameron and Elizabeth Photography


“I’ll pick three: THE wedding planner of all wedding planners, the photographers and the florals.”

Cameron and Elizabeth Photography

Cameron and Elizabeth Photography