We love how Paul Morrell Formalwear in Little Rock keeps us up-to-date with the latest “groomswear” (as we like to call it). Not only do they know what the new trends are by the season, they know what the most popular styles are by month!

It’s a great way to see what’s popular and trending for your groom, or for his groomsmen. If you’re like me, you’ll pretty much pick out the guy’s getup for the big day. (Was that too bridezilla of me?)

These “Top 10” are based on the total number of rentals for a particular style over the calendar month (the most recent stats are from May), and they only represent the top rentals for Paul Morrell. However, Paul Morrell, if you didn’t know, is not only one of Arkansas’ premier tuxedo/menswear stores, but is also a national tuxedo wholesaler, which means the monthly style guides are a guide to groom choices in tuxes across the country. So, you’ll really be on-trend.

Go ahead and peruse the top 10 for May, or see previous months’ top 10 by clicking on “Top 10 Archives.” You can also see all the tuxedos available in their catalog at MyTuxedoCatalog.com!

PS: We’ll keep you posted on the June top 10 as soon as they’re released! Stay tuned.