The best bands and DJs in Arkansas book up fast. Reserving them for your wedding day six months out or more is wise.

Not sure who to hire? Peruse our list of more than 100 musicians in Arkansas. Not sure how much you should be spending on music? Here are helpful figures from our feature "What a Wedding Costs in Arkansas:"

Ceremony music:

  • String quartet for two hours: $600
  • Harpist for two hours: $525

Reception music:

  • DJs (includes four hours of music and emcee service and basic audio/lighting equipment): $544
  • Well-known party bands (includes three hours of live music and emcee service and audio equipment): $2,925, plus an additional $500 for out-of-region travel, if applicable
  • Booking agents eliminate a lot of legwork from the music search for brides, but these companies can also charge about $500 less than self-managed talent, according to our research.

At six months, you also need to ....

OR if you still have...