Chenal Country Club

If you're looking to have unique ethnic wedding with a variety of Indian and Pakistani cuisine at your rehearsal dinner or reception, west Little Rock's Chenal Country Club, 10 Chenal Club Blvd., Little Rock, is committed to ethnic authenticity, quality and freshness.

Recently, the country club hosted an Indian and Pakistani dinner and the culinary excellence was demonstrated from the passed hors d’oeuvres to the desserts. 

The personalized menu included Samosas (Indian potato dumplings); Tikka Chicken Skewers (grilled spicy chicken with tomato sauce); Chicken Tagine (Moroccan chicken with saffron, olives, and spices); Moroccan roast lamb; herb-grilled fish with olives, onions, tomatoes and parsley; Persian rice with sumeric, golden raisins and almonds; asparagus; roasted Yukon potatoes; and European Rolls. Talk about yum!

And to create the full ethnic experience, the staff at the Chenal Country Club also paid very close attention to detail with the décor of the ballroom at the special dinner, too. The black, gold and red napkins, woven baskets and beautifully adorned candles wove the elements together and customized the event perfectly.

Whether it’s a rehearsal dinner or a wedding, the Chenal County Club can accommodate groups as small as 20 up to 400, plus.

Call Dana Addison at (501) 821-7525 or email her at if you would like more information about Chenal Country Club or if you would like them to host your rehearsal dinner or wedding and reception. 

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