Arkansas has some of the most fashionable brides in The South. Y'all have such great taste! So, to help you stay the stylish trendsetters that you are, we ventured to New York City this past weekend to cover Fall 2015 Bridal Fashion Week and the amazing collections that you'll start seeing at boutiques in Arkansas early next year.  

As the state's authority on weddings, it is a no brainer that we need to cover the collections and report back on the latest and greatest trends each year—that way you can curate an unforgettable wedding wardrobe.

These following seven styles from fashion week are super hot right now and were seen in almost every collection we previewed. We can't wait to see you donning them on your big day (someone please rock style No. 3 — I can just see the amazing bridal portraits now)!

  • Which trend is your favorite?
  • Would you wear a cape? 
  • How do you feel about an open back?
    Tell us in the comments. 

No. 1—Shoulders & Backs
Designers made a point to accentuate these body parts, in particular, this season—and in so many unique ways. We saw a ton of open backs and shoulder embellishments. Refer to photos for several breathtaking examples (I especially love Claire Pettibone's shoulder streamers–photo 4).

1. Lazaro 2. Ines Di Santo 3&4. Claire Pettibone 5. Ines Di Santo 6. Enzoani 7. Legends by Romona Keveza 8. Mori Lee 9. Claire Pettibone

No. 2—Long Sleeves
Bell sleeves in particular. The Medieval/Renaissance-feel to these sleeves didn't overpower the gowns we saw. Instead, they were light, airy and romantic. Long-sleeved gowns, in general though, were all over fashion week for the Fall 2015 and we loved it!

1. Ines Di Santo 2. Legends by Romona Keveza 3. Matthew Christopher 4. Claire Pettibone 5. Ines Di Santo 6. Mori Lee

No. 3—Capes
A number of lines including Allure Bridals and Matthew Christopher (pictured) featured beaded capes in their collections. How they utilized them was different each time, but we loved them all. Other designers chose to accentuate the shoulders with streaming fabric or illusion lace cap-sleeve details. Seems like it's all about the shoulders for Fall 2015!

1. Matthew Christopher 2. Ines Di Santo 3. Modern Trousseau 4. Reem Acra

No. 4—Blue
I was kind of surprised to see colored gowns were still so prevalent during Bridal Fashion Week, blue in particular. I think Fall 2015 is its peak year. It's been building and now every designer wants in. The blues ranged from sky and baby blues to dark gray and purple-y blues—so dreamy.

1. Lazaro 2. Matthew Christopher 3. Claire Pettibone 4. Modern Trousseau

Stay tuned for four more trends tomorrow in part II!
And for more bridal fashion week wrap-ups next week too!