Ladies, we’re going to be honest with you. Bridal fairs and expos can be a little overwhelming. With so many fabulous booths and vendors and products and displays, it can leave a girl’s head spinning.

But not you. 

You can walk in with a clear head and bright eyes, ready to take on the wedding world, latte in hand. You have us on your side and we have a team of experts who know every tiny detail of the process.

Randi Slick is the powerhouse wedding planner behind Signature Events in Hot Springs. She decided to share with us at Arkansas Bride her insider tips and tricks for getting the most out of your bridal fair experience, and ultimately heightening your all around fabulousness. 

So take her advice and walk into that expo like everybody wants you, because newsflash, girlfriend: They do. 

14 Life-Saving Bridal Fair Tips

1. Wear comfortable shoes because you will be walking/standing the entire time you are at the bridal fair. Really.


2. Bring a date book or digital calendar so if you want to schedule an appointment with a vendor, you know your availability to schedule a more detailed appointment.


3. Create a one page example of your wedding vision so that when you are speaking to vendors, they can look at one page and understand a bit of your vision. Examples for your one page would be wedding colors, inspirational reception photos, cakes or flowers (specifically a bridal bouquet that you like). If you are in beginning stages and not sure what you want, then try to get some color swatches so you can at least show vendors the color palate and they can make some suggestions. Do not bring your heavy wedding folder because unless your fiancé is coming; it gets kind of heavy. 


Jason Masters


4. Be aware of all of the bridal giveaways and ask how to enter as you arrive. You want to enter for the drawings as soon as possible since some may be drawn throughout the event.


5. Be aware of all show specials that vendors are offering so you don’t miss out on any discounts given.


6. Bring a couple of friends/family with you who understand the vision of your wedding so they can help gather information and also give you their insights on vendors.


7. Look for personality as much as skill! You’re going to be working with these people a lot so you should like them as humans, not just as businesses.


8. If you don’t want to give out your personal email address, consider creating one just for the wedding.


9. Bring a camera or fully charged cell phone. After an hour or so, the different booths will start to blend together. Bringing a digital camera/charged cell phone with you to snap an eye-catching floral centerpiece, wedding cake or bridesmaid gown will be essential for future reference.




10. Know your budget for each vendor. That way, when you are taking the time to speak to each vendor, you are aware if their services are an option for you from the start.


11. Bring a notebook, pen and a tote bag. You will want to take notes. Take your time and jot things down after you visit a booth that caught your eye. You’ll also probably be getting “stuff” so totes will come in handy.


12. If you want to cut down on filling out paperwork for the giveaways or when making vendor appointments, then consider making peel-off labels with your information so you can just “stick” them on forms. You may also consider making your own business card so you can just hand the vendors your information when booking appointments or exchanging contact info.


13. Don’t expect to walk away from the show with signed contracts in your hand. A show is a place where you make appointments to discuss your wedding in depth. While there are times you might want to book something right at the show, if at all possible, you should wait for a calmer time when you can talk one on one with the vendor and make sure they will be able to fully meet your needs.


14. Ask a lot of questions. The show is filled with wedding professionals and while you’re there, you should take advantage of the opportunity to learn as much as you can. The vendors want to impress you with their knowledge of their particular specialty. Take advantage of it!


And now you're ready, girl. You're an Arkansas Bride. Go get 'em!