Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by your own love of Etsy. 

Oh yes, we’ve been there. We’ve spent way too long scrolling through the incredible things you can find in the endless online marketplace. Just about anything you could ever need for wedding/bach party/bridal shower/honeymoon planning (or for newlywed life!) you can find on Etsy. 

Whether you're well-versed in this beautiful world or you've only watched it from afar, we've done some sifting and came up with some stellar natural talent from right here in The Natural State that will make perfect additions to your big day. Let's go shopping.


beFREE designs

So you’ve got this gorgeous ring, right? And you never want anything bad to happen to it, right? Thanks to beFREE designs, you now have the perfect place to keep it, should you need to take it off. Even if you’re practically glueing it to your ring finger, these adorable jewelry dishes can hold any of your other baubles. Plus, they come in so many colors, they can even double as little centerpiece options. Still not enough? beFREE also makes adorable minimalistic jewelry, perfect for your best ladies. Score!

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A photo posted by beFREEdesigns (@befreedesigns1) on


Harley & Elise

One trend that Arkansas brides love and that we see no signs of slowing down is hand-painted wooden signs. The custom bad boys Harley & Elise create range from delicate sweet nothings to declarations of Razorback loyalty, whatever floats your (or your boo's) boat. Just pick your new pretty to accent your wedding decor, then take it home to add a little sentimental nostalgia to your newlywed nest. 

Available tomorrow at The Shabby Shack in DeQueen or online at

Posted by Harley & Elise Signs by Alysia on Thursday, October 23, 2014


Digital Press Creation

You have to save money where you can. We understand. So maybe you’re DIY-ing your own wedding stationery/invites, you’ve got your fave fonts laid out and everything, but then what? Clipart? Actually, yes. Molly Van Roekel is changing the clipart game. You can purchase whole themes of gorgeous hand-painted watercolor clipart that she’s digitalized for you to use on whatever you wish. Nautical pieces? Got it. Vintage bicycles? No problem. Banners, arrows and pineapples? Check, check and check. And of course, flowers galore. You can also request custom pieces with your name, initials, or phrases written in. DIY wedding stationery? Crushed it.


Chicc Designs

Don’t worry. To all our ladies with the artistic skills of a toddler, we hear you, too. If you don’t know the first thing about designing your own stationery, you’re far from doomed. Chicc Designs makes it almost too easy. All you have to do is pick out one of the fab designs (even if you like the ones that aren’t necessarily “bridal” designs better) send her your info and you’re set. Beautiful, effortless, flawless. You woke up like this.


Blue Times Two

Oh, you knew this was coming. How could we have a Southern wedding Etsy list without monograms? Answer: We couldn’t. Good thing we’ve got Blue Times Two doling out initials left and right on just about any surface they can get their hands on. Stitched onto shirts, headbands and koozies; printed onto phone chargers, keychains, car decals, notepads, sand spikes for the beach and the list goes on. Of course, you’re not limited to just your initials. You can get full names, sports teams, even state silhouettes. See? We wouldn't disappoint you.


Violet & Jane

If a tree falls in the forest and no one makes a T-shirt to commemorate the occasion, does it really even happen? The jury’s still out (making T-shirts, probably), so we’re not going to chance it. Luckily, the brand new Violet & Jane is here to save the day with some fab fiancée fashion and sensational spousal swag. Choose between matte, metallic, a variety of sparkly options and maybe even a little Queen Bey flair. That might have been the happiest sentence we’ve ever written. 

A photo posted by Violet&Jane (@violetandjane) on

A photo posted by Violet&Jane (@violetandjane) on

A photo posted by Violet&Jane (@violetandjane) on