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The countdown is on! Conway duo Sydney Crafton and Evan Teer are tying the knot in only a few short days! The two will exchange vows on Saturday, Oct. 10, at the Junior League of Little Rock.

It may be October, but this engagement sesh by Sterling Imageworks has us feeling strong summer vibes, and the proposal story from Sydney is giving us the warm, Christmas fuzzies!

Merry Christmas to me! Evan and I had plans to go to dinner and exchange Christmas presents later that night. We went to one of our favorite restaurants and everything seemed completely normal. We were heading back to Conway to exchange gifts and he missed the ramp to get back on the interstate. I mentioned that he missed it, being the backseat driver that I am, and he said, "Well, let's go down by the River Market and walk and see if they have any Christmas lights!" I thought, "That's my favorite place, lets go!"

We started walking and I noticed, up ahead by the Clinton Library, there were lights. I didn't think much of it until he said, "What's up ahead?" I looked and found a sign that said "Merry Christmas Syd" and had a planner in a box beside it. I am a HUGE life planner and my planner is my life. The cover said "Say Yes to New Adventures in 2015," and he had written a note in it. I read it, turned around and he said that the first thing he wanted me to use my planner for was to plan our wedding, and he proposed! I turned around again and saw our names in huge letter lights with my four best friends standing beside them! We then had a huge party back in Conway with all of our friends and family!

Nothing like a little holiday sparkle! Congratulations, Evan and Sydney!

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Sterling Imageworks

Well, @evanteer and I exchanged Christmas presents last night. He won. By a landslide.

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