The journey to the perfect dress is a special one. Then combining it with just the right hair, makeup, photographer and backdrop is a whole other story. Congrats to these brides and photographers for making a perfect pair!

Without further ado, here are 2015’s finest:


Megan | Miles Witt Boyer

Miles Witt Boyer


Tai | The Photo Love Photography

The Photo Love Photography


Kate | Whitney Bower Imaging

Whitney Bower Imaging


Avery | Drew Cason Photography

Drew Cason Photography


Jaae | Pictures by Katie Childs

Pictures by Katie Childs


Lane | Lainie Deerman Photography

Lainie Deerman Photography


Helen | Two Carters Photography

Two Carters Photography


Courtney | LAYERS



Molly | Lela & Lyla Photography

Lela & Lyla Photography


Sarah | Taylor Howard Photography

Taylor Howard Photography


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