There’s no question that brunch is all the rage right now. And why shouldn’t it be? It combines the best parts of a party and a leisurely breakfast. If you ask us, it’s the new, more fashionable and friendly luncheon. Arkansans are throwing brunch weddings and parties. Here’s how you can follow suit.

  1. Decide between friendly and fancy. Is this an elegant champagne brunch, or a pretty little party among friends? Make sure your guests understand that the early hour doesn’t mean they can come in pajamas (unless that’s your plan!)

  2. Send out invitations! A Facebook invite is not a guarantee that a guest will show, so make sure you have a concrete headcount a few weeks in advance. After that, it’s fine to have an event page where you can easily update everyone on party info.

  3. Don’t bother cooking. Make reservations at your favorite brunch spot to avoid the kitchen chaos. If you’d rather give your celebration a homey touch, host your meal closer to home and ask your mom or kitchen-capable friends to bring brunch dishes with them.

  4. Bring out the bar. The mimosa bar, that is. Set up a station for guests to make their own mimosas. All you have to do is provide fruit juices and wine. Check out this post for a how-to.

  5. Provide plenty of options. Some of your guests probably don’t drink. Others might not eat dairy or meat. But everyone should have a good time! So make sure you include a carafe of fresh lemonade on the table, some soy milk, and some veggie-friendly foods. Keep everyone full and happy, and you’re well on your way to a great party.

  6. Cue up a playlist. Check out Spotify for a chill playlist to fit your party’s mood, or make one yourself with all your favorite songs. Don’t forget that hit you and your girlfriends used to sing in the car!

  7. Plan an activity. Even though this is a brunch bash, you probably won’t spend the whole time eating. If guests start to get restless, plan a little party game to keep things going. You could also extend the party by taking everyone shopping or spending the rest of the day at the lake.

  8. Take photos. Obviously, there will be many selfies taken at your adorable soiree, but make sure you get some good quality shots of you with your girls. This is one of the last times you’ll all be together as single ladies.

  9. Be clear about gift-giving. If you feel uncomfortable talking about presents with all of your guests (it can be a touchy subject) at least let your maid of honor know if this is a celebration where presents are required. Don’t forget to get your ladies thank-you gifts, too!

  10. Have fun and let loose! This is a time for celebration. Relax and enjoy yourself. You don’t need to plan everything out - you already planned the wedding, remember?