BJ Matthews

The key to good summer hair is that you never look too overdone. Whether you decide to wear loose, beachy waves or a cool updo, you never have to worry about looking frozen and perfect. Read on for our tips on how to get the best summer hair for your wedding.

1. Fight Frizz

No matter your chosen style, your main enemy in the summer months is frizz. The humid Arkansas heat doesn’t help things. If you’re having your hair done by a stylist (click here for our recommendations) or doing it yourself, make sure a frizz-fighting product makes its way into your hair.

2. Keep it Natural

It’s too hot to style your hair with a ton of tools. Let your natural texture shine through by keeping the heat styling and chemical processes to a minimum. If your hair is prone to unruliness, try a simple braided updo or a low bun to keep it in order. You can always touch up a few pieces of hair if they seem out of place, but don’t worrying about straightening every inch of your mane.

3. Get Beachy

To get beachy waves, you can use a styling tool or you can experiment with products made to give you a sea-breezy texture. Lots of people will braid their hair when it's wet, then let it down to reveal slightly unkempt waves.

4. Roll Up

If an updo is more your thing, you can talk to your stylist about the type that you want. Decide how much height you need. An updo will keep your hair off your neck and allow you to move freely about your day. If you'd rather do it yourself, you can. Twist your hair, roll it up like a cinnamon bun, then secure it with bobby pins or spin pins. Add some sparkle or fresh flowers to make your look more bridal.