Here are 20 blooms and the details about what season they peak, what colors they match and what makes them significant.


late summer, fall a shade for every bride from white and pastel to bright, hot colors like the classic red poppy These blooms are completely versatile yet unique with a natural texture from a slow-blooming pod rather than the typical flower's bud.

spring, summer, early fall shades of pinks, reds, greens, purples, blues or even multicolored Not only are these blooms very diverse in color, they break the mold from the typical ball-shaped bud.

late summer, fall white, yellow, green, orange, russet, red or burgundy These striking blooms are long-lasting, classic and versatile.

summer, fall grows in shades of pink and magenta on long stems with feathery foliage This daisy-like flower in feathery foliage gives the fresh-grown garden look, but also comes in a unique, rich chocolate color for late-summer arrangements.

summer, fall white, yellow, orange, pink, red or purple These bold, bushy, dramatic blooms have been envied by all since the day they were discovered in the gardens of the Aztecs.

summer, fall white Generally available year-around, daisies are affordable yet whimsical.

summer, fall yellow, green, orange, pink, red The casual garden-style look of this perky flower makes it perfect for bridesmaid bouquets or reception centerpieces.

winter, spring white, yellow, green, pink, red, burgundy This tropical rainforest flower is perfect for brides looking to make a big statement.

winter, spring white, pink, purple, magenta, burgundy The delicate petals of an anemone surround the black center, which sometimes closes up when a storm is near and at night when the temperature drops.

Calla Lily
winter, late spring ivory, yellow, orange, light pink, dark pink, red, dark burgundy The bloom, which represents "magnificent beauty," has a strong and sturdy stem that's useful in large centerpieces, and also comes in a mini version perfect for boutonnieres.

winter, spring white, yellow, apricot, orange and pale or dark pink This beautiful multi-petaled bloom with lush fern-like foliage is a relative of the buttercup and can be a cheaper alternative to the rose or peony.

spring combinations of white, yellow, apricot, orange This bright summer flower is the first to appear after winter's last frost, welcoming spring with open arms.

spring white, pale pink or classic purple This beautiful, fragrant flower blooms on an elegant, long-stem that adds a pop of color and texture to every bouquet.

spring, summer pinks, reds, white, yellow Just a few of these blooms make a strong statement, which is lucky for brides on a budget. If you only use them in your bouquet, they will still be visible in almost all of your photos!

spring, summer wide variety including white, red, violet or yellow Even though you can buy roses year-round, the unique, fragile blooms are at their peak from late spring to midsummer.

Sweet Pea
spring, summer white, cream, apricot, pale pink, dark pink, red, lavender, purple In France, it's considered to be a symbol of good luck for brides to carry sweet peas.

spring nearly every color you can imagine from cool hues to deep, rich shades From single to double-petaled to parrot and rembrandt tulips, these flowers come in many styles and shapes.

summer buds are pale pink while the blossoms themselves are white Jasmine has a distinct fragance that symbolizes love, purity and promise in the Philippines and Indonesia.

summer white, yellow, green, apricot, orange, pale pink, dark pink, red, lavender, purple This tall, proud stem has large florets that open in succession. Full stems are often used to add height and dimension to arrangements, while the individual florets also make simple, elegant boutonnieres.

year-round ivory Delicate ivory petals surrounded by waxy, dark green leaves and a strong, sultry scent characterizes the exquisite gardenia.