After dozens of submissions and over 1,000 votes, we have a winner for our second Favorite Engagement Reveal Contest and we're a little bit in love. 

The winners are Chandler Gill and Mitchell Weber! Mitchell proposed to Chandler on February 4, 2017, in front of the Collins Theater in Paragould, which has a special meaning for Chandler. 

Here's the rest of their engagement story in Chandler's words:

"It was our anniversary weekend and we had nothing planned. I began to get suspicious because I had run across an email about him getting a ring. The fact that I do not like surprises had the suspense killing me [and caused me to] try to snoop more. Little did I know, my best friends told Mitchell I was reading his emails. They decided to set me up by having him send an email to the ring lady saying he was proposing on Sunday. Saturday night came and Mitchell was coaching in a tournament, and I was going to eat with my best friends from high school. When we were eating, it hit me that maybe he was going to do it at the Collins Theater, since that's where I have performed all my life and where I wanted to get married, so I asked them if we could drive by there after dinner. 

When we got there, I saw the marquee announcing that we were "getting hitched." My friends went running in leaving me in the car, which kind of confused me. My dad came to the car and told me I needed to go inside because Mitchell was waiting for me. He brought me into a fully decorated theater. When I got on stage and sat down, Mitchell came from backstage and asked me to marry him. He had the song I've always wanted as our first dance song playing in the background ("Falling Again" by Barrett Baber). It was a sweet, emotional moment and I was genuinely surprised! We will be taking the same stage again, this time saying "I do," on June 16th of this year." 

Chelsey Smith Photography

Congrats, you two!