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The former Miss America (and Miss Arkansas!) Savvy Shields is tying the knot with her fiancé Nate Wolfe this year! We've been huge fans of Savvy's "Wedding Wednesday" blog series documenting her wedding planning journey including her adorable bridesmaid proposal and her dos and don'ts for wedding registries

We chatted with the glamorous bride-to-be about all things wedding before the big day arrives this summer. 

What inspired you to start a wedding blog about your wedding planning journey?

SS: My followers! I had so many people asking me questions about my wedding planning process, and also giving me tips from their own planning journeys. I wanted to create a fun way to document it all!

How do you decide on blog topics?

SS: Some have come pretty naturally, documenting specific moments, highlighting vendors, or listing the top 15 registry dos and don'ts (that was a fun one). Since this is obviously my first time doing this whole wedding thing, I have been sharing things that I learn along the way.

We LOVED your sweet bridesmaid proposal… How did you decide on that method of asking? 

SS: Ah yay I loved it, too! It was so much fun to create little Valentine boxes for each of my bridesmaids. I knew that I loved the idea of filling up a cute box with little goodies, and the fact it was the week of Valentines was just icing on the already iced cake. I originally thought about tying in my art in some way, painting them each a specific print, but I figured heart-shaped chocolate may be better. And more delicious. 

What parts of the wedding planning experience have been the most fun?

SS: The whole thing has been so much fun. The traditional “bride” moments are always the ones where I cry the most. Finding my dress, asking my bridesmaids, picking the location, and basically every moment of the process. I really just can’t wait to marry my best friend!

What parts of the process have been difficult or tedious? 

SS: I thought after planning and preparing for Miss America, anything after that would be easy… But it turns out there are a lot more decisions to be made in the wedding planning process.

Has your fiancé been into the wedding planning, too, or have you mostly been tackling the big decisions with your planner?

SS: Nate has been so awesome, and he is actually pretty detailed himself! I’ve been running everything by him, and with the amazing help of our wedding planner, Amanda Reed, and my mom, we’ve got a pretty good team. We all have pretty much the same vision for things so it works out.

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