Corson Beauty

We all know how important the pre-wedding skincare regime is and we know of a new all-natural skincare company that just might be the answer to our prayers. 

Originally from northern Minnesota, sisters Bridget Corson Ford and Marilyn Corson couldn't find the type of skincare products they were looking for. Instead of settling, they decided to take matters into their own hands. The sisters decided to create their own 100 percent plant-based skincare company called Corson Beauty — made right here in Little Rock. 

The products contain no fillers and no water. Bridget and Marilyn use only non-comedogenic and low-comedogenic oils (read: non-clogging) to moisturize skin. The company is very transparent — their website dives deep into the thought process behind each product and why it's natural and effective. Even the product's fresh, often fruity smells are 100 percent natural. The sisters use pure essential oils to lightly scent the products. 

Staff member Lydia has been trying the products for a little over a month and can attest to the incredible smells and textures of the products. Her personal fave? The toner. She likes to keep it handy for a mid-day skin refresher on these somehow still hot Arkansas days. 

Corson Beauty

We also asked Bridget what her recommendations are for getting skin wedding-day ready. Here are her tips:

  • Collagen. Bridget puts a bit in her smoothies, oatmeal or coffee. 
  • Sunscreen. She recommends applying every day before putting on your makeup. Her brand of choice? Suntegrity available at Winc Beauty
  • Lots and lots of water. She recommends a Birkey water filter (available on Amazon). 
  • Face masks. Because a little self-care never hurt anyone. 

Corson Beauty is available online or you can shop in-person at Winc in the Heights and Box Turtle in Hillcrest. For more information on the brand or the products, head to the website