Whitney Hall & Tyler Thornton
June 18, 2011 • Family Farm, Glen Rose
Photos by Jamie Fender | Photographer
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Although their first meeting was at a haunted house, Tyler and Whitney’s love story is anything but scary. The couple, she from Bryant and he from Bismarck, met senior year at Henderson State University. They dated for two years, but separated for a time to be sure their relationship was meant to be. Of course, it was, and a year and a half after reuniting, Tyler asked Whitney to marry him. This, as Whitney describes it, was the beginning of their happily ever after.

How They Customized
The bride and her attendants made an incredible hayride entrance at the ceremony, followed by a touching violin performance by the school orchestra for Whitney’s walk down the aisle. The orchestra included students she’s taught since kindergarten. For food, they served traditional dishes and drinks in keeping with the Southern setting, including sweet tea in mason jars, Tyler’s favorite pies, and favor jars of jam and honey.

What detail truly made the wedding yours?
“My mom and I searched for five months collecting more than 200 vintage china pieces. This was a personal touch that’s carried over into our life as a married couple, as we decided to keep this china as our ‘pattern’ instead of registering.”

Timeless Moment
“One ‘mishap’ that turned into something memorable was when an adorable kitten walked down the aisle right after my bridesmaids; it just waltzed down the aisle like it was a part of the bridal party. It looked like it was planned.”

Ways They Saved
Whitney shopped around for unique pieces from flea markets and handmade a lot of things—including embroidering vintage handkerchiefs for the bridesmaids, groom and close family members. Also, the bride’s cake was made by a family friend. “It was our wedding gift from her, and I must say, it was delicious!”

The Details