Can't decide how many bridesmaids you should have? Look to our editors to see how many they chose to be in their wedding!

Lindsay Irvin, Editor,  Arkansas Bride  - “Six.”

Michelle Foshee, Account Executive, Arkansas Bride - “Eight.”

Brandy Hubener, Account Executive, Arkansas Bride - “Zero.”

Betsy Tilley, Account Executive, Arkansas Bride - “13!”

Leigh Walker, Account Executive, Soirée - “10.”

Tasha Amos, Senior Account Executive, Little Rock Family - “Three.”

Deborah Edwards, Account Executive, Little Rock Family - “Seven.”

Luci Deere, Account Executive, Soirée - “10. But only nine were there! My matron of honor went into labor the day before our wedding.”

Kate Knable, Assistant Editor, Arkansas Business - “Six.”

Amanda Hoelzeman, Managing Editor, Soirée - “Zero.”

Taylor Bowers, Marketing Coordinator, Arkansas Business Publishing Group - “Three bridesmaids and a junior bridesmaid.”