As a boudoir photographer, I get asked a lot about these types of sessions. What's a session like? How exactly does it work? What can you Photoshop — can you make me look smaller? What should I wear? And so on.

I also get asked about what separates a good boudoir photographer from the rest. What are the questions I should ask when looking for a boudoir photographer?

  • Find a photographer who is passionate about photographing women.
  • Experience: Knowing how to pose a woman is one of the most critical parts of boudoir photography, and it isn't easy. A skilled photographer will have plenty of experience and a portfolio to showcase his/her skill.
  • Style: Boudoir is a very personal genre of photography. There are many ways of approaching a boudoir shoot -- pinup, noir, classic, urban, etc. Finding a photographer whose style matches your own is important. If you can picture yourself in their images, then you've likely found the perfect photographer for your session.
  • Location: Where will your shoot take place? If a photographer tells you that he or she will come to your home or that the session will take place in a "studio basement," turn and run. Your photographer should have a working relationship with a luxury hotel or own a studio space. It's never wise to book a session with someone who asks you to come to his/her home.
  • Edits: Ask about post-processing techniques. Whether you want lots of Photoshop actions to be applied to your images, extensive retouching or very natural looking images, it's important that you find a photographer who is experienced in those techniques.
  • Privacy: Be sure and communicate with your photographer about your privacy preferences. Boudoir photographers attract new clients with their portfolios. If you don't want your face to be included in any of their marketing materials, be sure and speak up -- and make sure that there is a privacy clause in your contract.
  • Set up a meeting: Interview the photographer and see some samples of his or her work in print. This is a great opportunity to meet the photographer in person and spend some time getting comfortable together. If you've got good chemistry, your photographer should make you feel relaxed, ease your nerves and get you pumped up for your session.

Meredith Melody is a Little Rock-based photographer specializing in wedding photography as well as lifestyle portrait and boudoir photography. Read the full version of her guide to choosing a boudoir photographer here.