Katie Johnson of Kerrville, Texas and Steven Schmitz of Gilbert, Ariz. are set to say "I do" May 18 at the First United Methodist Church in Kerrville with a reception at the bride's family ranch in her hometown. 

Nicole Dale of Trinity Ridge Photography was kind enough to send us the couple's beautiful nature-loving engagement shots, as well as their fun engagement story. We wish them all the best!

The couple had been talking about getting engaged for a while and finally started looking at rings. Steven got smart and once he had an idea of what Katie wanted, he pretty much left her out of the whole process so she would be surprised. Katie patiently waited. (This is a lie. Does any girl patiently wait to be proposed to?!)

During this process, Steven was promoted to a position in Bentonville. Katie told him how proud she was of him and what a wonderful opportunity this was, but she was NOT moving to Arkansas without a ring on her finger.

Katie tearfully helped him pack up and flew out to Arkansas to help find a place to live (and survey this new location to be. Great! The area is beautiful! She could live here!). Steven had only been in Arkansas for a few weeks when he flew back for Cocktailing for a Cause, the big charity event that a philanthropic group Katie belongs to puts on every year. Katie "knew" it wasn't going to happen this weekend, because he didn't have the ring yet! The ring was still being made in Tucson (so she thought) and he wouldn't be able to get it without her knowing.

Steven had been talking about going to dinner at Cafe Poca Cosa on Friday when he got into Tucson and Katie didn't really have suspicions about it because she had already set up stipulations for when he proposes. 

When Katie picked up Steven from the airport, he was SO worried and anxious she wasn't totally ready for their 8 p.m. dinner reservations. He started texting like a mad man and kept reiterating to Katie how important it was that she really hurry and get ready. There could not be 200 outfit and accessory changes tonight. She must be prompt!

After being asked a million times, Katie was finally ready (6 p.m.-ish. Not long, folks! Don't let Steven tell you otherwise!) She walks out and the first thing she notices is Red Hot Chili Peppers, "Hard to Concentrate," playing on Pandora. This is a song that Steven played for Katie four years ago when they were just starting to date and said "this will be the song that I will play for my future wife."

Katie comments on the song, how cool it is that it just randomly came on Pandora (not Pandora, obviously) and proceeds to get her keys and is ready to go, completely oblivious to the most beautiful arrangement with all her favorite flowers.

Steven had to tell Katie "Hey, did you not see those flowers?" Katie reacts with the usual "Oh! Wow! I didn't! Thanks, babe! They are beautiful!" Steven then has to ask Katie "Well, aren't you going to read the card?" Katie: "Oh, whoops. Sure."

When Katie opens the card it said "Turn around. I have an important question to ask you." Katie turns around, and Steven is on one knee. NOW she finally gets it (and is shocked). Steven said some very sweet things (while Katie is saying "Oh my gosh, is this real? Are you serious? Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!") and then finally asks the question!

As predicted, Katie starts tearing up, SO excited, SO thrilled, SO happy and SO shocked! Steven directs her attention to outside, where their friend Mary was hiding out and taking pictures. After calling their families and friends, a champagne toast and plenty of pictures later, they made their 8 p.m. dinner reservations just fine.

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