The Photo Love

Ashley Harper + Jonathan Beckham

Nov. 9, 2013 • Pratt Place Barn, Fayetteville

Love story: Jon and I met our senior year of high school and instantly became friends. We went our separate ways when we both went to college, but during our second year, we reconnected by attending the same school again. We became close friends again for nearly two years and started dating for close to 4 years before he proposed.

Overall inspiration: We really wanted a vintage/rustic feel. We didn't really have a color palette-- we wanted all of the colors to come from the flowers and there was no limit to color. So, all of the decor featured neutral colors like whites and browns with a rustic feel to them, so the colorful flowers could bring it all together.

Personal touches: We used a lot of pictures throughout the venue, as well as vintage furniture to bring the whole look together. At the ceremony, there was a hand-drawn tree for people to put their fingerprints on so they could really feel like they were a part of our wedding. There was no plan with our flowers, but we just wanted them to be colorful, big and look almost as if they were handpicked. They turned out perfect! Also, the favors were hand-potted succulents. We wanted to give everyone something that they could take home that they can see grow.


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