Themed Restaurant Reception

Planner: Rick Steiner, Premier Event Group

VENUE: As far as convenience goes – there’s no need to hire a caterer – the chef is already in the house! The existing tables may be oblong, round or square. This combination allows a variety of grouping styles that can make the reception very unique. Also, ask that no other parties be booked on the same day. $0 (See FOOD)

RENTALS: Having a restaurant reception means not having to rent tables, chairs, tableware and glassware. In order to make the reception unique and reflect your colors/theme, however, rent specialty linens. Use a variety to enhance the restaurant’s color scheme, give texture to the tables and add to the ambiance. $350

DÉCOR: Restaurants are ideal for themed weddings. Love Japanese food? Have a themed wedding complete with paper lanterns and origami decorations. Maybe you love Mexican food? Have a Mexican-inspired celebration with bright, festive colors and a Latin band. Love the swanky, cigar and martini era? Choose a venue with a jazzy, speakeasy feel. A lot of extra décor may not be necessary. $750

FOOD: A restaurant will make sure that the food and service are superlative—this is their chance, after all, to strut their stuff in front of a large audience of potential customers. Having a small wedding in a restaurant gives you the ability to offer your guests the individual steak, halibut or lamb chops cooked to their liking. $5,500

DRINK: Offer only beer, wine, champagne and one signature drink that you name and tie into the theme of the wedding. Put a pitcher of the cocktails on each table and let your guests do the pouring. $2,000

MUSIC: Again, think about matching the theme to restaurant type. The restaurant may already have a list of musicians they use on live-music nights. Otherwise, go for a DJ. Oftentimes DJs take up less space and don’t require as much equipment as a standard band – and restaurant venues are usually smaller. $500

TOTAL: $9,100

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