This morning, while watching The Today Show, I heard about a couple who sued their wedding photographer for missing key moments on their day. What caused the couple the most pain, was having no first kiss photo to cherish. I went online to find more info about their case.

Here's an excerpt from the article from

"The Mitchells hired photographer George Ferris of Studio Edge & Multimedia to shoot their wedding. They agreed to pay Ferris around $2,700, but were shocked and disappointed by the final products. According to the couple, Ferris had missed all the key moments of wedding photography, most significantly the newlyweds’ first kiss. They sued Ferris for $6,700 for failing to capture the kiss, the ribbon cutting and certificate signing, according to the Age."

Then this happened (more from the article):

"Ferris countersued the couple for $6,000, which includes the remaining $400 they still owed him, court fees and $63 for paying a meal out of his own pocket. He argued that the couple complained only after his wife mistakenly sent them raw images instead of edited ones. He blamed blurry and shadowed images on flowers along the archway and “bounce” from the flash, the Age reports."

Brides, what do you think about this? Would you sue? 
Photographers, what do you think about this? How would you handle the situation? 

As for me ... well, I actually had a similar trama with wedding photos back in 2008. My photographer didn't capture any usable photos of me entering the church with my dad in my gown (he blamed me for my lighting choice, which is somewhat fair), nor of me and Michael entering the reception venue being announced to the room. Worst of all, he LOST all of the photos taken of my husband and his groomsmen before the wedding, and my husband didn't take many others with his guys during the reception.

It was a borderline disaster in my opinion, but we didn't sue. That thought never crossed our minds. We still paid a large portion of our bill, in fact. And have long since gotten over it, relishing the thousands of beautiful wedding photos we do have. 

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