Dress/suit-Check. Rings-Check. Wedding officiant-Check.

Photographer, hair appointment, family, dinner reservations, hotel—check, check, check, check and check.

Marriage license...OK, things just got REAL.

Zach and I went downtown this morning to pick up our marriage license. For such a normal piece of paper, it looks so official!

It's also the last piece of the puzzle. Our small little ceremony is coming together, and very quickly. Exactly one week from today, we'll be getting married. We are ready, you guys!

I can't wait to share my dress and the wonderful story behind it, the details of our ceremony and our wedding photos by the amazing Drew Cason.

So I'll be back—after we're hitched!—with lots more updates.


Bride-to-be Blair Tidwell, a Malvern native and NYU journalism graduate, is the associate editor of Little Rock Family magazine. She'll be blogging about her adventures in wedding planning for Arkansas Bride right here, each week. She welcomes your comments below or via email at BTidwell@ABPG.com.