Have you figrued out what kind of wedding professional you need for your big day? (See Wedding Quiz: Who Should You Hire, and Who Will Rule Your Day?) Here are 13 we love.

MEET THE PROS              

Wedding Planners

Amanda Reed
Event Coordinator, Bates-Reed Brides

Services:  All-inclusive
Approach: Edgy, detail-oriented, fun
Fav wedding moment: When I can look at the party and say, “This is good...”

Amy Hardin
Co-owner, Details Weddings & Events

Service:  All-inclusive
Style: Classic Southern weddings with a twist
Fav wedding moment: I love when a bride sees the reception space the first time.

Anne-Claire Allen Owens
Founder, Anne-Claire Allen Planning & Design

Service:  All-inclusive
Approach: Passionate, service-oriented and hard working
Fav wedding moment: The vows! It’s what brings the day together and why we do it!

Elizabeth Gorman
Wedding & Event Designer, Kate & Company

Service:  All-inclusive
Style: Traditional, romantic, bright
Fav wedding moment: The groom’s face when he first sees his bride — I melt!

Jessica Zimmerman

Service: All-inclusive
Style: Organic, authentic, sophisticated
Fav wedding moment: Handing the bride her bouquet and seeing her face light up

Natalie Scott
Natalie Scott Events

Service: All-inclusive
Style: Natural, organic, romantic
Fav wedding moment: Standing with my bride right before she walks down the aisle

Rick Steiner
Owner, Steiner Event Group

Service:  All-inclusive
Approach: Detailed, professional, thoughtful
Fav wedding moment: The excitement on the newly married couple’s faces

Shelia Vaught

Service:  All-inclusive
Approach: Professional, considerate, compassionate
Fav wedding moment: I love the celebration of family traditions.

Tish Bullard
Owner, Tish Bullard Events

Service:  All-inclusive
Style: Sophisticated, tailored, personalized
Fav wedding moment: When the couple walks in together as Mr. and Mrs.

Todd Bagwell
Owner, dtb parties

Service:  All-inclusive
Style: Sophisticated, tasteful and witty
Fav wedding moment: There are moments at every wedding where I pause and feel that it is very special and will be one of the day’s highlights.

Floral & Event Design

Chris Norwood
Tipton & Hurst Florist

Services:  Floral & Event Design
Style: Timeless Southern elegance
Fav wedding moment: When the bride sees the wedding space for the first time

Tanarah Haynie
Tanarah Luxe Floral

Services: Floral & Event Design
Approach: Humble, talented, capable
Fav wedding moment: The bride and groom’s first look

Day-of Coordination

Devan Malone
Day-of Coordinator

Services: Rehearsal & Wedding Day Coordination
Approach: Calm, prompt, encouraging
Fav wedding moment: Watching the bride walk down the aisle and the groom’s reaction


$0 to $500
$501 to $1,000
$1,001 to $3,000
$3,001 to $5,000


An all-inclusive wedding planner helps the bride with every decision — from photographer and save-the-dates to venue choice and color story. They typically negotiate with and hire vendors for the bride. Their teams provide day-of coordinating and handle design execution. They do not need a third party for flowers, rentals, lighting, etc., but may choose to hire that out. $$$$–$$$$$

Wedding Planner

A wedding planner generally handles everything that an all-inclusive planner does, except they delegate most or all of the design execution (flowers, rentals, lighting, linens, etc.) to third party vendors. Day-of coordinating is included. $$–$$$$$

Event Designer

An event designer is hired only to create a design concept and execute it on the day of. They often work for a florist or rental company or recommend those vendors to the bride. They do not provide day-of coordinating. $$$–$$$$

Editor’s note:
Wedding planners and event designers often use the terms “event planner” or “event coordinator” to describe themselves, but wedding planners and event designers are different. Always request a list of services provided during the consultation, and clarify what is NOT provided before signing a contract.

Floral Designer

A floral designer or florist creates a wedding flower story with the bride and/or any wedding planners/event designers, and executes the floral décor on the day of. $$-$$$$$ (Prices can vary dramatically based on flower choices.)

Day-of Coordinator

A day-of coordinator does not help plan the wedding nor helps with design. They are brought in to manage the timing and flow of the wedding rehearsal and the wedding. They also make sure the vendors hired execute their services on the day of. $-$$

Ceremony Venue Coordinator

This coordinator works for the ceremony venue, not the bride. They are responsible for making sure rules are followed, venue services are carried out as promised and oversee timing. Included in venue rental.

Reception Venue Coordinator

This coordinator also works for the reception venue, not the bride. They are responsible for making sure rules are followed, venue services are carried out and ensure vendors have access to what they need. Included in venue rental.

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