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Have you ever stopped and thought about who was the first person to do the “traditional” thing-to-do? Who was the first bride to wear a white dress and carry and bouquet of flowers down the aisle to her soon-to-be husband who she hadn’t been allowed to see all day? Who first said, “hey, let’s throw rice at the newlyweds while they get in a car so ridiculous they are going to have to stop and clean up before they can drive any further?

Well, while we were going through all the real weddings, bridals and engagement sessions following the new Fall/Winter 2017 issue of Arkansas Bride, we started thinked about trends and traditions and asking why we do what we do at weddings.

While most traditions derive from symbols of good luck and attempts to scare away evil spirits, some of the most commonplace wedding practices have fascinating origins! The following are some of our favorites:

The History of the Veil

Why He Can’t See Her

The History of Bridesmaids & their Uniform

Why Brides & Grooms Save the Top Tier of Wedding Cake

Reception Getaway: The History of the Bride & Groom’s Great Escape

The History Behind the Bouquet

The History Behind the Bouquet and Garter Toss